Painting and Re-texturing Services

Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC provides all types of interior and exterior painting along with retexturing service. We provide a high quality of painting services that include but aren’t limited to: faux finishing, wood staining, glaze, rolling and brushing. We also can repair and replace virtually any interior surface if needed. If an interior or exterior surface is degraded and needs to be replaced as such, we will recommend the service that needs to be provided.

Below Are Examples of Our Texturing

Some older homes today have ceilings that have popcorn texturing which likely would need to be scraped and then re-textured so that for an overall clean look (see below).

Old Popcorn Texturing
New Popcorn Texture

Below Are Examples of Our Painting

Our staff is knowledgeable on mixing paint which will provide the overall desired look and color of your dreams! Issues arise when two colors are mixed together and they do not create the desired look the customer wants! Then it is uh oh..oops! Which is why you will sometimes see the “OOPS” paint in various stores.  These paints are typically several paints mixed together which afterward, did not provide the desired paint color.

On the converse, in case you mixed colors and got the color you desired unless you kept the color palette originally used, the customer cannot recreate the color.

Note keeping the swatches of paint colors that you originally picked at the store is the best rule of thumb. That way the color you like ca be re-created. 

We provide friendly knowledgeable staff which has many years of experience in interior and exterior colors, and able to advise on the many types of paint color mixtures.

A Few Types of Wall FinishesAre shown Below:

Faux Finish
Glazed Wall Finish
Mix of Wallpaper & Faux Finish

We can provide paint to all types of surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, brick, rubber, tile, glass and of course sheetrock which is in your home already.

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