Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC  provides custom cabinetry and trim work that is top quality at affordable prices.

Most folks don’t think of how many areas in their home actually contain cabinets. (left) is a picture that references custom kitchen cabinets with select brushed nickel hardware that looks and functions beautifully! If our looking to add cabinets or even looking to replace your existing cabinets, we’ve got you covered!

Cabinets are customarily installed in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry room, bedrooms, garages and more! Cabinets are a necessity in the homes of today and serve  as a vital storage area as well a providing an overall custom look. When cabinets are installed, they are usually finished out with trim work. No cabinetry installation would be complete without the cabinets. If  installing cabinetry outdoor, our staff can advise the wood types typically used.

Trim Molding

(left) is a picture that references custom trim molding.

Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC also provide a high quality of cabinetry trim molding work which is used to provide an overall finished appearance  to many types of cabinets.

Trim molding can be added to cabinets conceal gaps or inconsistencies in the home’s cabinets in the homes cabinets when they were installed.

Trim molding is fairly thin and narrow, but it may have curves or designs cut into each piece. Wood trim molding may be painted or stained to match the style and decor of the room. Plastic polymer trim molding is also available. It is more expensive than wood trim, but it is lighter adn easier to handle it can be cut and painted to match the dimensions and style of the room in which it will be installed. If you take a look around your house and notice trim work could be added or, if you think your trim work could be replaced, please give our office a call today at 469-707-3512

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