Window Screen Installations and Repairs

Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC provides an array of Window and Window Installations and Repairs. We can also advise on Solar Window Screens and installs as well. Window screens if installed properly will help to keep out dust, birds, and bugs when the windows are open.

Window Installation

At this time of the year, if you decide you want our company to install solar screens, the advantage are that they do provide from harmful UV rays. Owning a home can be costly so any savings you accrue might be noticed on your A/C bills each month. If your window screens are torn or if the whole window needs to be replaced, our knowledgeable staff can help! If you are replacing your  window(s), we can help with the removal pf the old ones so that Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC can install the news ones.

Older Homes most often times were built with single pane glass windows installed. As we here in the Lone Star State can tell anyone, double pane glass windows or (storm windows) are the way to go! You will start to notice savings in the form of extra cash in your pocket. Protect your home with double pane windows or solar screen windows if you see:

  1. Any broken glass panes
  2. Torn screens
  3. When your windows won’t shut

When you see the problem, it’s already past time to act!

Solar Tints:  Generally keeps out most harmful UV rays by deflecting the sunlight. However, buying new doubled pane windows, it is unwise to apply because it will void most warranties.

Solar Screens: Can be installed to protect windows, doors and installed as a shade on your patios. Deflects some sun but not all. However, they also a cost-effective way to reduce energy bills as well as protect your home from the harsh elements year round.

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