Residential Fence Constructing and Staining

Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC Provides all types of exterior wood fencing and structure improvements. Our skilled staff at your request, can recommend the most suitable type of wood for your structure(s) as well as the most durable and reliable paint and or stain color and can provide a sample for your review.

Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC  will always provide you with the most useful tips to get your fence or paint job started and completed with high quality of workmanship! We will suggest durable materials for a long-lasting exterior structure! We also provide you with a step by step method before work begins. If permits are necessary or other authority is required before work commenced, we will also obtain those.

If We Provide Materials

Several sample types of wood (Natural, Knotted ETC.) and styles of certain structures like fences, posts caps, gates, hinges, Pergolas, Gazebos and the like can be provided along with advice from our knowledgeable staff to help with your decision making.


If you prefer to purchase your materials ahead of time, our company offers skilled contractors that can complete your project with those materials. Once you are ready to hire your contractors, we will provide a high quality of painting services that include but aren’t limited to: Carpentry Repairs, Scraping and Sanding, Nailing down boards, Oiling, Priming and Applying Sealant. ( We can also provide the foundations, walkways and the like to compliment your new structure)!

If you are unsure about the exact needs for your exterior painting or construction project, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

When you’re ready to start your project, Pre-planning, budgeting  and good old fashioned homework  are an absolute must! IT is crucial component for any homeowner  to have on paper before beginning a project, in order to achieve a completed a well-planned and long-lasting exterior structure.

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