Countryman Construction makes it easy to ensure a longer life for any type of roof with inspections by qualified and experienced professionals, at no obligation to the home or business owner. Our highly trained roofing inspectors will comprehensively check all the aspects of the roof and present owners with a professional, reliable assessment of the current conditions.

Even if you cannot proceed with repairing or replacement options immediately, knowing exactly what state a roof is in allows you to plan for the future, while taking any preventative steps possible now. Our inspectors have the experience and training to understand whether repair or replacement is needed, and can provide homeowners with a free roofing estimate and options for repair or replacement, and, in some cases, confirm your roof is in good working order and does not need any repairs at all.

Roof Inspection Features

Wind Damage Test (BT Test)
Hail Impact Assessment
Complete Home Inspection
Get an Inspection every 3 years
Get an Inspection after every hail storm

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