Tile and Wood Flooring Services

County Man Construction & Remodeling LLC Provides all types and various arrays of tile and wood flooring work with lots of different colors and styles to choose from! Most homes interiors have tile and or wood or linoleum flooring these days. From start to finish, we can provide custom flooring work with a high precision of quality!

Whether it’s etched wood flooring for your living room or terra cotta tile for your kitchen, we have the expertise and skill level to make you dream home into a dreamier home!

Are you looking to replace a previous owner’s nightmare of a tile or wood flooring job? We’ve got you covered! After years of use, the floors can become cracked, and most often times, loose. Either way, if left untreated, they will become an even bigger nightmare! There are certain types of tiles, linoleums, and woods that are better for certain traffic areas than others.

If you find a tile or wood flooring style or design and are looking for an up-do or, to install a new look or design for your floors we can help! If you need a patchwork or larger sections replaced, we can help! Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about floor material and will provide you with useful information for your project.


Virtually  any style or type of flooring you have questions on, we have knowledgeable staff that can assist you!

If you take a look around  your home and notice any tile or wood flooring work that needs to be revamped, please give  Country Man & Remodeling LLC a call today at 469-707-3512.

We are a locally owned and family operated business!

We provide a wide array of flooring, remodeling, and installation services! Call today to schedule a quote! We would be happy to provide all your construction and remodeling needs!

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