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Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC provides all types and various designs of masonry work for virtually any type of structure. From start to finish we can provide custom work with a high quality of finished product! If you’re looking to have masonry work performed or, looking to replace previous masonry work done, we’ve  got you covered! Most folks don’t realize how many areas both inside and out of a home actually contain masonry work. Most homes exteriors walls are often constructed with brick, sd wells d fireplaces, driveways and the like.

If you find a design for your flower bed or you need a retaining wall installed, a creek  rocked driveway installed or flagstone walkway, we can do it all! Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable on many types of brick, stone, and rock laying. There are certain types of materials that can be used for certain types of projects. For example, stones that are durable for driveways would be a creek rock type. Flagstone, for instance, would not be a wise rock to use since it chips easily.

To the left are a few reference pictures that show various brick designs.

The first picture shows a mix of brick colors that look beautiful together and just a small sample of the many colors you could choose from.

The second picture shows a breakdown of various arched masonry work which could be added to enhance any area of a home.

The third picture shows a few brick patterns and designs that can be laid for sidewalks, retaining walls, flower gardens, and more!

Virtually any style or type of brick or rock you have questions on, we have the knowledgeable staff that can assist with any questions!

If you take a look around your home and notice any masonry work that could be added or if you think your masonry work could be revamped, please give Country Man Construction & Remodeling LLC a call today at 469-707-3512

We provide a wide array of masonry remodeling and installation services! Call today to schedule a quote! We would be happy to provide all your construction and remodeling needs!

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